Are you a “social loafer”? (IT Amber)

With your last group experience in mind, use the following five-point scale to determine if you were a social loafer:  5=extremely like me; 4=somewhat like me; 3=neither like nor unlike me; 2= somewhat like me; 1= extremely unlike me.

_____1.  I arrived on time for group meetings and stayed until the end.

_____2.  I showed enthusiasm about group activities.

_____3.  I showed a positive attitude toward fellow group members.

_____4.  I participated in planning the project/activity.

_____5.  I volunteered for tasks appropriate to my expertise.

_____6.  I contributed regularly to group discussion.

_____7.  I put forth effort equal to or greater than that of my group members.

_____8.  I delivered my contributions in a complete fashion.

_____9.  My fellow group members perceived me as agreeable.

_____10.  My fellow group members perceived me as thorough.

_____11.  My fellow group members perceived me as dependable.

_____12.  My fellow group members perceived me as conscientious.

_____13.  I met all deadlines.

_____14.  I asked for help from others when needed.

_____15.  I supported the contributions of other group members.

_____16.  I was open to suggestions from others.

_____17.  I gave credit to others for their suggestions and contributions.

_____18.  I made positive adaptations to the differences of group members.

_____19.  I tried my absolute best.

_____20.  I shared credit /blame for the outcome of our group.

_____Add your scores together to get an informal assessment of your social loafing.

74-100  You are NOT a social loafer.  You carry your weight and people value you and your contributions.

47-73  You may be a social loafer in certain situations.  Be sure to communicate support and involvement and show respect for all group members.

20-46  Social Loafer!  In group situations, people are likely to see you as apathetic and may even resent you.  In the future, you should work harder to do your fair share and show support for all group members.


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