Preparation for Group Presentation: IT Amber

Each group will give a presentation about the website project they have been working on.

Just as your project has been a group effort, your presentation should be as well.  Each group member MUST have a speaking part and the presentation should flow well between each speaker.  Plan very clear transitions between each speaker.  Such as, “Now that I have shown you how the data supports this project, I will turn it over to Mary who will discuss some concerns we had on this project.”

Your website will be your visual aid, so organize your speaking parts on who will show and speak to what part.  The demonstration of the website is a very important part of this presentation, so practice with that.  You may use a title slide with your group name, members’ names and titles, etc.

Remember your professionalism…..dress in business casual, use great eye contact, speak up, stay professional while your other group members are speaking ( don’t lean on wall) and direct your attention to them.  Remember to explain any jargon that you may use.  Be prepared for Q&A afterwards.

Each group will turn in one typed coped of the outline to me the day of your presentation.

Here is the template for the outline you need to use:

Introduction (Group member________________)

I.  Attention Getter (use a unique way to introduce the project)

II.  Listener Relevance (Justify the value of the topic and connect to audience)

III.  Speaker Credibility (this is where you introduce your group and members)

IV.  Thesis Statement (state the goal of the presentation)

V.  Preview (map out the main points of the presentation)

Transition (move listeners clearly to first main point)


I.  Main Point One (Group Member_______________)

Listener Relevance link:



Transition (hit main points covered and preview next point)

II.  Main Point Two (Group Member _______________)

Listener Relevance link:



Transition (hit main points covered and preview next point)

Use as many Main Points as needed not to exceed five.

Conclusion (Group Member______________)

I.  Restate thesis

II.  Summarize main points

III.  Clincher (tie back to attention getter)

IV.  Invite feedback/questions






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